Harvard Medical Trained Neuroscientist Reveals to Canton:

The Neuroscience of Tinnitus, Dementia, and the Impact of Hearing Loss on Your Brain Health 

“Everyone knows someone who is a cancer survivor, but no one knows an Alzheimer’s survivor.” – Dr. Bredesen

June 18th at 10:00 a.m.

Open Discussion to Include Q&A:

  • The single most effective treatment option approved by the FDA for patients suffering from Tinnitus
  • The single most modifiable risk factor for preventing Dementia
  • How new solutions with NeuroTechnology™ are proven to support brain function, working memory, selective attention, and processing speed
  • Your Next Step to Active-Aging Lifestyle 

“The benefits of correcting hearing loss on cognition are twice as large as the benefits from any cognitive-enhancing drugs now on the market. It should be the first thing we focus on.” 

-Dr. Doraiswamy, a Neuropsychologist

from Duke University

Our Gift to You:

June 18th at 10:00 am

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Holiday Inn Canton

4520 Everhard Rd NW

Canton, OH 44718

Presented by:

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD

The hearing care specialists at Modern Hearing Solutions and Choice Hearing Center work and study closely with Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, the Only Harvard and M.I.T. Trained Neuroscientist practicing audiology in America and the co-author of "Your Choice: Isolation & Decline Are Optional" which will be our gift to you for attending.

In addition to his extensive training in audiology, Dr. Darrow's expertise includes a Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. Thanks to his unique background, considerable knowledge, and notable experience, Dr. Darrow provides the research, understanding, and training needed to diagnose and treat your or your loved one's hearing impairment properly. His approach to hearing rehabilitation has improved lives for patients of numerous audiology practices throughout the country.